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R.O System
Sistem RO untuk Perindustrian

Model: RO-1000I(200L/H)

Capacity of pure water: 200L/H 25oC
Ganeral Power: 900W
Electrical power: AC220V 50Hz 4.5A
RO velum: ESPA-4040, (1 item)
High-press pump made in USA:2539, (1 item)
Single-phase electro motor: Yc90 S4/550W, (1 item)
Beforehand filter: C200x800x 1.5, (2 items)
Precise filter: C200x800x 1.5, (1 item)
Add pres pump: BJZ-037, (1 item)
Quartz: 30kg
Activated carbon: 9kg

Main machine: 590mm x 470mm x 1500mm
Beforehand filters: 1230 x 430 x 1100

Water Purification RO Plant RO-1000I (450L/H)
Model: RO-1000I (450L/H)
Output: 450L/H 25C
Input power: 2.75kw
Power: AC220V 18A 50HZ; AC380V 9A 50HZ
RO membrane: ESPA4040; 3 items (two stage)
Multi-levels pump: CDL2-180/2.2kw, (1 item)
Beforehand filter: 300 x 1200 x 1.5, (2 items)
PP sediment filter: 200 x 500 x 1.5, (1 item)
Booster pump: BLC70/0.55kw, (1 item)
ump: BLC70/0.55kw, (1 item)

Main machine: 660 x 660 x 1540 mm
Beforehand filters: 1650 x 360 x 1800 mm

Model: RO-1000I(300L/H)
Capacity of pure water: 300L/H 25oC
Ganeral Power: 2.75KW
Electrical power: AC220V 18A/380V 9A 50Hz
RO membranes: ESPA 4040 2 items (2 grades)
Multi-phases pump: CDL2-180/2.2KW (1 item)
Beforehand filter: C300x1650 (2 items)
PP sediment membranes filter: C90x1000 (3 items)
Booster pump: BLC70/0.55KW
Quartz sand filter: 150kg
Active carbon filter: 50kg

Out size of main machine (mm) : 1550 x 900 x 1820

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tube Luxurious
Type Pure Water Equipment: 1-5T/H

Stainless Stell Luxurious Type Pure Water Equipment: 1-5T/H

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